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3Phase Line Products - rubber glove & sleve bags
3Phase Line Products

The next generation of rubber glove and sleeve bags.  Designed by a lineman for lineman and apprentices in the power line industry.

rubber glove and sleeve bag rubber glove and sleeve bag with gloves

  • Designed by a lineman who experienced the frustration with lugging around a hugh sleeve bag and having to climb with it.
  • This is a more compact bag which makes it a lot easier to carry around.
  • It’s a bag specifically designed to be carried and sized to fit rolled-up sleeves in the bigger pocket and tthe primary rubber gloves in the small pocket.
  • If the lineman does not require sleeves, rubber gloves still fit in the bigger pocket without any extra effort to store or retrieve.
  • Webbing above both open pockets to hang carabiners, speakers, rope slings etc.
  • All bags come with D-ring on the back, providing the linemen the flexibility to attach the snap that best suits their needs.

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TECH4 - Technology For Automation
Arcteq Arc Flash Quenching Systems

Tech4 Arcteq Arc Flash Quenching Systems ELIMINATE the need for all arc-rated PPE clothing.

See the Tech 4 Arc Quencher System in Action. Click on the video below.

  • Why “redirect” or “vent” when you can ELIMINATE?
  • The ultimate solution for mitigating arc flash hazards.
  • Minimizes damage to critical equipment assets.
  • Meets IEEE C37.20.7-2007 Arc Resistant Switchgear requirements.
  • Protects both switchgear and downstream assets such as MCCs.
  • Guaranteed low-voltage arc quenching in 6 milliseconds.
  • Guaranteed medium-voltage (up to 15 kV) arc quenching in 6 milliseconds.
  • Less than 1.2 calories per cm² incident energy at the Working Distance.
  • Available in both new and retrofit applications – UL Listed.

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Eagle Eye battery monitoring system logo
Next Generation Battery Monitoring System

Eagle Eye’s ground-breaking Vigilant Battery Monitoring System (BMS) with Advanced Multi-Function (AMF) sensors employs several new battery parameters to predict battery condition.

Eagle Eye Vigilant battery monitory system

Vigilant utilizes several technologies new to the battery monitoring industry to predict battery failure:

  • Battery Cell Condition: Using machine learning algorithms to accurately calculate deterioration much earlier than current Ohmic testing methods
  • Battery State of Health: Algorithms encompassing 12 key parameters to estimate the health of the battery as a whole. It includes measured changes in internal & external factors and in all parameters that could identify a potential reduction in anticipated battery life
  • Battery Risk Factor (RF): Employing individual cell SoH along with temperature and ripple current to better predict risk of battery failures
  • True Float Current: Vigilant’s Advanced Multi-Function (AMF) sensors measure true float current without the remanence and temperature problems of Hall-effect transducers

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LaMarch logo
Float Current Monitoring – an industry first

The La Marche Battery Float Current Monitor (FCM) is a battery monitoring device that measures a Battery’s Float Current Charging/Discharging Currents & Battery Voltage.  Float Current is how much the battery draws from a charger when it is fully charged, simply to maintain a full state of charge.  The Float Current level is a good indicator of the battery’s condition.

La Marche battery float current monitor

FCM assists in compliance with NERC PRC-005-6 and TPL-001-5 as it helps in determining the state of health (SOH) of the battery & state of charge (SOC) and in detecting the first signs of battery aging or thermal runaways.
High Resolution Battery Current Sensing

  • Float Current (with an accuracy in the single digit milli-Amp range)
  • Battery Charging & Discharging Current

Battery Voltage Sensing

  • Reports to the A77 Battery Charger via

Isolated CAN Bus Interface

  • Real-Time Data on LCD
  • Real-Time Data over SCADA Communications
  • Data Logging on Micro SD

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Omicron test equipment & measuring instrumentsCircuit Breaker Analyzer

OMICRON’s CIBANO 500 is a 3-in-1 test system for medium- and high-voltage circuit breakers.  It combines a digital micro-ohmmeter, timing analyzer, and a coil and motor power supply.
The CIBANO 500 allows asset managers to efficiently perform all the important circuit breaker measurements, such as timing, static and dynamic contact resistance, travel, coil current, or motor current – on breakers of all voltage levels. Its extensive capabilities and efficient test methods for testing high voltage breakers are widely known.

Omicron CIBANO 500 circuit breaker analyzer

What is more, with its internal voltage/current power supply it can also verify breaker performance during special conditions, such as overvoltage, undervoltage or low DC supply.
Its globally unique connection technology reduces the wiring effort and time required up to 50%. In addition, OMICRON’s Primary Test Manager™ (PTM) Software and the included circuit breaker testing library (CBTL) ensure convenient operation and deliver one clear, combined report for all the tests performed.
Key Features

  • 3-in-1 system: digital micro-ohmmeter, timing analyzer, and AC/DC power supply
  • One system for medium-voltage or high-voltage circuit breakers with live-tank, dead-tank or GIS-design
  • Low wiring connection effort
  • One clear report for all tests
  • Circuit Breaker Testing Library (CBTL)
  • Lightweight test system (20 kg / 44.1 lbs)

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